March 28

I woke up and headed straight down to lunch. I accidentally had mixed up my lunch tickets and turned Sunday’s in on Saturday. When I went down to lunch the ladies started to make a big stink about me not having the corresponding date and almost didn’t give me food. I was really surprised too because I thought they liked me. I would have been just as good without food too, they were poorly cooked turkey legs and they didn’t have French fries either.

After lunch, I had to figure out my train ticket to Madrid and I needed to figure out a way to get money from my account. I talked with Visa, Bank of America and my parents multiple times to try and figure out the logistics to get money. I found out Suzanne had Bank of America so I could transfer funds to her account and have her get cash from the ATM. The only problem is I didn’t have my check card, which was necessary to complete the transaction. My dad saw that the card had come in the mail, so I had him activate the card. I eventually transferred the money to Suzanne and got to an ATM. It had been 11 days since I had cash and it felt good.

Dave, Mary Claire and I went to the train station because she needed to buy two train tickets for her mom (who was visiting later that day) and her friend, Cindy. Today was much easier at the Renfe counter, my ticket was immediately called and I got my ticket no problem. After I got back, we continued our usual afternoon ritual of hanging out in Diego or my room.

After about forty-five minutes, I heard Taylor, Kristen and Molly were heading out to get some snacks. I was a little hungry so I decided to tag along. We went to a convenience store called Alimentacion Wang and I got some Principie cookies, Orange soda, and my favorite microwave popcorn. I haven’t had it in two months. Kristen and Molly wanted crepes so we went to Plaza de la Virgen to get some. The weather was so nice out and the plaza was busy because of Palm Sunday. The night before, we set the clocks hour a forward so the sun was still out until about 7:30. It was great.

After, I went back and ate dinner at about 8:30. After, Mary Claire asked if I wanted to go to get some tapas with her mom and Cindy. They are both Delta flight attendants and had a couple day layover in Barcelona so they decided to visit for the night. We went to Café Paris, Bar Pilar and Negrito for the same night that we had when Mrs. Attaway visited last. We had calamari, patatas bravas with garlic aeoli, plenty of mussels, olives, bread and grilled vegetables. It was awesome. I loved meeting Cindy and talking with Mrs. Attaway. We were out for a while and I didn’t get back until past 12:00. I skype Laura and headed to bed. It was such a calm, perfect weekend.

**I have been a little slack lately in the picture taking but I will be sure to have new ones up soon, in the meantime here are more ninots from Fallas.

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