March 21

I woke up earlier than everyone else, so I decided to watch a few more episodes of entourage. Laura was waking up early to go to breakfast with some of her friends so I talked to her for a little bit, which led me to lunch time. The cafeteria food is definitely starting to take a wear on me. I am normally a creature of habit, but I still like a little variety.

After, I went with Caroline and Ashley to find a café with wifi. There was a slight drizzle outside but the temperature was perfect. We walked around for a bit, but were unsuccessful finding anywhere that was open. I decided just to head back to the dorm and use the Internet there. I worked on figuring out my schedule for this summer and next fall which was kind of stressful, I have to write my senior thesis next fall and I have only had two classes in my major thus far. Neither here nor there, it will all work out.

Everyone had a very relaxing day; most of us napped or hung out in each other’s rooms. For dinner, we had some chicken noodle and vegetable soup a roast that wasn’t too bad; it made a pretty good sandwich. After we finished eating, we continued to hang out and get in the mindset of going back to school. It is incredible to think that I had only been to two classes in sixteen days; even crazier to think that we have eight days off for Semana Santa during the first week of April.

I have been following the NCAA tournament, even though my bracket is shot. I watched the buzzer beater Michigan State had to beat Maryland, which was pretty exciting. I was pretty exhausted and had to wake up early for the first time in a while. It was a very relaxing Sunday and I feel about 99% recovered after Tuesday.

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