March 12

Laura and I were on a mission to try as many of the unique tastes of Valencia today. She had Doner Kebab pizza the night before and I decided she should start off with some crepes in the Plaza de la Virgen. As we enjoyed them we noted this huge wooden structure that was being constructed with the head of the Virgin Mary on it. Each year, for the first two days of Fallas every Fallera (a woman that takes part in the traditional festivities) takes a bouquet of roses and places it near the structure. An artist individually places the roses in the structure until at the end the Virgin is wearing a huge flower dress. The most amazing thing to me was the fact that this structure is about two stories tall. Most of the ninot structures have started to be constructed which is really cool, they are so big and so colorful.

We took a metro out to the beach to have a lunch picnic. It was pretty cold and overcast so it wasn’t very good beach going weather but we made the best of it. I asked a man where a Mercadona was and he lead us a couple blocks until we found it. While we were walking he said I spoke great Spanish for an American, which made me feel good. We bought some chips and salsa, bread and cheese and a bottle of wine and went out to the beach. I don’t know what came over me but I felt so sick and we left after about an hour and a half. I felt bad for making Laura leave with me, but really needed to get back.

I slept on Laura’s shoulder on the way back and felt a little better by the time we got back to the dorm. I took a power nap and woke up feeling great. Next I took Laura to Negrito and we had some Agua de Valencia, it was delicious. Next we went to Bar Pilar and had some patatas bravas (small fried potato chunks) with garlic aioli and some of their famous muscles. To top it off, as we were leaving, we stopped at a churros stand and had some sugar covered churros with a huge cup of chocolate to dip them into. We were stuffed when we got back to the dorm, we were stuffed but we went and sat with everyone in the cafeteria.

After everyone finished, we hung out for a little bit. I was excited because everyone decided to go to Roombo 141, a discotheque over by the beach. Diego, Laura and I had bought some rum and a pineapple and we used some Orange soda to make a rum punch that was out of this world. We also had some oranges and kiwi from the cafeteria that was great. We hung out in Diego and Alex’s room until 2:30 when we left for the club. One of the guys on the semi-professional baseball team we practice with is a promoter for Roombo and he got us in for a discounted price. I had never been to Roombo before and we loved it. Laura got the full dance club experience. It was packed, especially because so many people are in town for Fallas. We decided to leave around 5:00; we were both really tired from all the activities. I have been having the greatest time in here in Spain with Laura.

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