March 20

It was crazy waking up to silence on the streets. No loud parades, no loud fireworks, no hustle and bustle of people by my window, only the faint sound of a car passing every now and then. It was very peaceful. I laid in bed for a while and enjoyed the morning. I called Laura at around 2:00 and we skyped while she was getting ready for her big house tour for the 75th anniversary of Tri Delta. After we got off, I went down and had some lunch. I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I only had some bread and a yogurt.

I came back up to my room and hung out with everyone for a little bit. The past week had taken a huge toll on everyone and everyone was just in relaxation/recovery mode. At around 4:00 I went with Laura G. and Scott to Mercadona. I was just itching to get out and walk around. It was overcast but the temperature was perfect, it was in the low 70’s and the humidity was perfect. It was crazy being on the streets, it was like the whole week before hadn’t happened; the mounds of trash, the street vendors and the ninots were all long gone. It was crazy.

I picked up some snack foods at Mercadona, some bread and cheese and some chips for Mary Claire and Alex. After I talked with everyone for a bit, I spent a better part of my evening watching Entourage. Allie let me have the complete series from her itunes so I have been catching up on all the episodes I have missed, it’s actually quite addicting.

At 8:30 or so Dave came in and asked if I wanted to go with some others and his parents out to eat. I have loved meeting all the parents that have come in to visit and I immediately agreed to go. We took a taxi from Plaza de Reina to an upscale all you can eat sushi place called Osaka II. The food was incredible. We all sat around a table and the servers just kept bringing us all the sushi we could imagine. I have never really had sit down sushi before and I really enjoyed it. Dave’s parents were really great too; it made me excited for my parents to be coming in. I got to try so many new foods that I never had before.

We all took a cab back home and I talked to Laura for a couple minutes about how the tour had gone; she had only good news. After we got off the phone, I started where I left off with Entourage. I watched a few episodes, but turned it off when my eyes started to get heavy around 1:00.

**I put up a couple more pictures of ninots from Fallas.

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