March 17

I kept coming in and out at the hospital. I didn’t remember any of the night before, just overcome with a want to be back at the Rector Peset and in my dorm. All throughout the morning, the nurses would keep waking me up and ask my information. My insurance policy was stolen along with my wallet so I was an unregistered “15 year old” according to my hospital bracelet. I asked a man to go to the bathroom and he took me over. While I was in the bathroom I thought to myself, I need to get out of here. It was a terrible decision but a mixture of shock/fear made me pull my IV out and walk out the hospital door.

Now that I was out, I had no idea where I was. My face was swollen and my pants had been covered in blood. I’m sure I looked absolutely awful and frankly I was very embarrassed, but now to get home. I talked to a very nice old lady that took sympathy for me and she pointed me in the direction of the right bus I needed and gave me 2 euros too. It was so nice of her. I looked just like any bum that roams these streets but I guess she could tell I was in a predicament. The bus ride seemed like thirty minutes but I got off and started walking toward our neighborhood. It was only about 11:30 when I got back to Barrio del Carmen (our neighborhood) but the streets were already alive. I had the worst walk of shame I ever thought imaginable.

I got back to the dorm and all the students in the group were being so nice. I just was so happy to have gotten back to my family over here. They told me that Aitor (one of our program directors) was looking for me and they went on got him. I took a quick shower, the best one I had ever had. Got dressed and had to go back to the hospital. Everyone was afraid that my nose was broken and I needed an x-ray. Stockon was so nice and she came with us. The waiting room took forever. I had an x-ray and snoozed in a chair while we were waiting. A doctor finally called me and all he said was that it wasn’t broken and I needed to put ice on it. I was so thankful that nothing was broken.

Stockton, Aitor and I all took the metro back. The offering of the roses was going on and a huge parade blocked the major streets we needed to cross to get back to the dorm. It took us a good forty-five minutes to get across two blocks but we finally did it and we finally got back. I took a nap for a few hours and woke up at 9:30, I hadn’t eaten yet all but I decided to go grab a piece of pizza that they had down in the cafeteria.

I hung out in Ben and Dave’s room while they were getting ready to go out. They left at about 11:30 for the fireworks show and I came back to my room and skyped Laura. Everyone has been so nice about this whole situation. I am so lucky to be all right; everything could have been so much worse. I made a series of mistakes the other night that could have prevented this whole situation from happening. These past 24 hours have been crazy.

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