March 22

Waking up wasn’t too hard at all. I was actually pretty excited to get back into the swing of everything, plus I have been waking up to Yael Naim- New Soul lately and it does the trick. the song is kind of old but it always puts me in the greatest mood. It was a warm spring day out. In business class we had some in class exercises to work on while Virginia met with us and gave us our test back, I got an 85 but with the fifteen points extra credit, I got a 100.

During my break, I put the finishing touches on my composition for 4010. We had to write an informal letter about recent travels. I wrote to Ryan about my trip with Laura. After, I headed up to the computer lab in the school building to work on my presentation due on Wednesday for business class. Ashley, Dave and I are presenting on Coca-Cola España. It has actually been pretty interesting, I thought that the United States consumed the most Coke in the world but actually its Mexico in first, next the U.S. and than Spain in third.

In Adela’s class, we corrected some exercises on the Subjunctive and started the conditional tense. While it was kind of tiring, I enjoyed going back to class. Of course I love not having class, but I always leave class feeling so much better about my Spanish. I walked back and grabbed lunch; I made a buffalo chicken sandwich using my last packet of buffalo sauce that Laura had brought me. It has been great while it lasted and definitely a good meal to use my last packet of coveted sauce on.

I was happy with my full stomach after lunch and went on the patio for about 40 minutes with Dave, Alex and Mary Claire and we started to study for our Culture midterm. Our test is over the countries and capitals of Europe, the autonomous states and provinces of Spain (of course in Spanish), and the culture scavenger hunt we had. I found out about a sight that had interactive quizzes that covered all of the material I needed to know for the geography was on a website. I headed back downstairs and got to work.

Laura and I skyped for a while in the afternoon while I worked on some laundry and practiced more quizzes. Right around dinner, I talked to my Dad about our plans for my parents’ trip in ten days. I am so excited to show them around Madrid, Barcelona and of course Valencia. I had to split my conversation in two parts because we had our weekly activity meeting starting at 8:00. After the meeting and getting off the phone with my Dad for the second time, I went down to dinner. I had some pizza bread and a tortilla sandwich. Tortilla is egg, onion and cheese that is cooked almost like a quiche and cut into pieces. Taylor let me borrow some Tabasco sauce and it was really good.

I went back to studying for most of the night. I had been studying forever but decided to go to sleep around 2:00. I felt ready for my test.

**I need to take more pictures, but in the mean time I figured I would put up more Fallas pictures.

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