March 24

I was a little late getting down to the cafeteria for breakfast, so I grabbed a quick piece of toast with strawberry jam and a bocadillo with ham and goat cheese for a snack in between classes. In Business, we spent most of the time talking about how to write a letter to businesses explaining products or services that your business offers. After class got out, Ashley and I decided to walk back to the dorm; two hours in the cafeteria of the fiologia building can get very long. When we got back to the dorm we worked on a quick exercise for our next class and hung out for about thirty minutes. Walking back to the dorm was a perfect was to split up the time.

In Linguistics, we started to talk about pronouns. I had never really learned pronouns well, so this class helped a lot. I have enjoyed this class a lot because I can take what we are learning in class and apply it to my everyday Spanish conversation. When I have been learning grammar at UGA, I only practice what is being taught in class. I was starving by the time I got back to the dorm. I made a steak and potato sandwich and had a much needed orange soda (the cafeteria has been out of orange soda for the past week and a half).

After lunch and before our group activity for the afternoon, I watched and took notes on two thirty minute videos that David White and I needed to present on in Culture class. The videos were pretty thick and it took me a while to get through them both.

About eight of us met in the lobby at 6:00 and walked about a block away to plaza de la Virgen. Right near the basilica is a building called L’Almoina (Alimony) that houses Roman ruins from before and after Christ. The building shelters almost a city block of excavated ruins. It was one of the most interesting thing I have seen since being in Valencia. The buildings consisted of the Forum, a food/grain storage building, wells, public baths and also a chunk of a street.

The building itself had a really interesting design. We couldn’t actually walk on the Roman ruins itself but the building had glass cat walks with rails that allowed us to walk right over the ruins and allowed for us to examine the ruins closely without actually damaging them. I think it is just so cool that I am living in a city that dates back to before Christ.

Our tour finished right around dinnertime. We had one of my favorites Curry chicken, I made a chicken and fry sandwich and had some chicken noodle soup too. David and I spent the rest of the night working on the presentation. The hard part was there is so much information in the videos, but we had to cut our presentation to only 5-10 minutes. We finished around 12:30 though and I headed to bed shortly there after.

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