March 23

I woke up thirty minutes early to grab a shower, eat a good breakfast and review the material for the test. I made flash cards for all of the countries and capitals, so I spent most of my walk quizzing myself. First I had literature. We got back our tests from the Thursday before Fallas; I made a 90. I was very happy with it. After, we started our unit on drama and theater.

We got out of class a few minutes early so we quizzed each other while we waited for the test to start. The test itself wasn’t too bad. We had a break in the hall after we finished and before we started class again. We all discussed answers and I felt very good about how I did. When class started again, we talked about common traits of Spanish Architecture through history. It was very interesting to look at the Roman, Greek, Arab and some Germanic influence on the whole country.

After class, I set off for the post office. I knew it was in Plaza de Ayuntamiento (where the Mesclata took place) but it is a big plaza and I wasn’t sure of exactly which building it was. After asking a few people, I got pointed to the right building and went inside. The post office was set up completely different. There were about four counters with each line having a specific purpose. I asked a couple more people and finally was pointed to the right line. After, I headed back to the dorm; I ate lunch and spent most of the afternoon hanging out. I have been doing some extra work and writing on a Spanish blog that some University of Valencia students set up. I read an interesting article about Spanish words that go extinct.

Dinner was delicious. We had the spicy Cajun chicken wings and a cheese plate. The only sad thing is we were starving because they only gave us four wings. We decided to go to Doner Kebab at about 11:00. I split a medium pizza with Scott and Ben. It’s a great deal because you get two slices for the price one when you combine your money. After I got back to the dorm, I stayed awake for a little bit to digest but fell asleep pretty quickly after my head hit the pillow.

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