March 14

Our hotel offered a free shuttle to the airport that we met down in the lobby at 8:45. We arrived at the airport and started looking for the Delta counter. Of course with my luck, I waited in the wrong line and after thirty minutes we were directed to another line. The Delta ticket line was crazy, bad weather in New York canceled two flights so there were a lot of people trying to juggle their schedule and get over to the U.S. For some security reasons, I wasn’t allowed to stand with her as she waited though which surprised me.

While she was in line, I went all the way down to the other end of the airport to get my passport checked for my Ryanair flight. I got back just as she was finishing. I wasn’t allowed to go to her gate either so we had to part ways. I had such an incredible time while she was here. I got to enjoy Spain with my best friend.

I found my gate for my flight and had 3 and a half hours to kill before it left. I sat down on a bench and started reading. After about an hour and a half, I went to a restaurant in the airport and had a bocadillo and an orange soda. It was really good. I continued to read while I was at the restaurant. A Chinese girl who is studying in Italy come and sit at my table because there was no more room in the restaurant. She had spent the week in Madrid and had talked about how much she liked it. I told her about how cool Valencia, Barcelona and Granada all were. It was really cool to talk about Spain like it was my own.

After she left, I finished my book. It was a little hard to follow and definitely has not been my favorite of what I have read this trip. I went back to my gate and started reading the Alchemist. I heard it had life changing effects on people and I am interested in finishing it. So far it I have really liked, it is a very easy read. We loaded on the plane and had a very easy flight. I hopped on the metro and took it to the train station stop.

As soon as I came out of the metro tunnel I could tell that Fallas had started. It looks like a huge street party and sounds like a war zone. Even the little kids here light off huge, loud fireworks. Pandemonium. I got back to the dorm and just as I had everyone was leaving for the beach. I changed quickly and dropped off my stuff and went.

We took the metro out to the beach and set up camp on a blanket Caroline had brought. We hung out for a couple hours, while I kicked the soccer ball with Diego. The wind was blowing and as soon as the sun went down, it got pretty cold. My sweater kept me warm. We took the metro back and got back just in time for dinner.

After dinner a few of us went to Escalones de la Lonja and had a drink. I had a carajillo de Baileys that was absolutely awesome. It warmed me up perfectly. We went back to the dorm for a while and hung out for longer before we went to O’Haras and hung out for a long time. Then I went with Diego and Taylor to a really cool Spanish guy named Alberto’s place. Him and about seven of his friends split the cost of renting a store front in the city. They turned it into a really cool “man pad” with a t.v., poker table, ping pong table and plenty of couches. It’s really fun.

We stayed there for a while before we started back toward the dorm. At almost every major intersection there is a ninot that is so big, so cool and so creative. It made the thirty minute walk go really fast because we kept looking for a new ninot to look at. We hung out in the room until around 5:00 until I decided to head to bed. Fallas has begun and it is crazy.

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