February 27

I was tired, but no where on the level of Madrid. Our bus tour left at 10:00 but I was down at the restaurant eating breakfast at around 9:15. The food was excellent. They had fresh squeezed juices, cereal, a cheese and meat tray, yogurt and obviously a lot of bread. I actually had a real cup of coffee as opposed to espresso, which was a pretty welcomed change, I love the espresso over here but the coffee was a breath of fresh air.

The tour was a four-hour tour around the city. Our tour guide was very well informed, and her Spanish was easy to listen to which allowed me to pick up a lot of cool facts about some of the buildings around Barcelona. During our tour, we stopped at Parc Güell, a huge park designed by Gaudi (the famous architect that designed many of Barcelona’s important buildings). Parc Güell was my favorite part because we had an hour to go around and explore. There were countless artists playing popular and unusual instruments, which added a new level to the experience.

After the bus tour, we had the same restaurant we had had the night before. We all ate until we could eat no more. Right after lunch, those that wanted to took a trip to Sagrada Familia. It was a pretty quick metro ride to the beautiful, uncompleted church. It is the most intricately designed church I have ever seen. On one side they have a huge scene carved of the Birth of Christ and on the other side has Christ’s Passion.

Sargrada Familia started construction in the late 1800’s, the date of completion still isn’t sure, but some think it will be close to 2040. When Gaudi passed away, he had not written down a lot of his ideas or techniques that should be used to complete the master design. It has been a pretty stressful project on the Spanish Government. After we toured the church, we took the metro back and had a couple hours to rest before we met up for dinner.

At around 10:30, we went to a Vegetarian restaurant; I was very skeptical at first but actually really enjoyed it. I had some goat cheese and roasted vegetables as an appetizer and some spinach and cheese tortellini for my main course. Everyone shared though so I had the chance to taste a lot of different dishes. After dinner, we went to meet up with Alex and Mary Claire’s friends that were in Barcelona too.

We went to a bar called la Oveja Negra (the Black Sheep) and had a pint. It was a huge bar but still had a small bar feel to it. It took us a while to get a table but I really enjoyed myself. We stayed at the Bar until just past 3:00 when we decided to go to Razzmatazz.

Razzmatazz is huge five level dance club that is supposed to be one of Barcelona’s best, conveniently it was only a couple stops on the metro away too. I had no idea so many people could fit in one place. The dance floors were all packed with people. We danced for a while and then explored all of the levels, each playing a different type of music. It was so jammed that we kept losing then re-finding people from our group. Razzmatazz was absolutely crazy.

At around 5:45 we decided to head on back to the Hotel. The metro is open 24 hours on Saturdays so we took that back to the hotel. I headed to bed, I was absolutely exhausted from all the dancing. It was such a short Barcelona trip, I feel like I only dipped my finger in what the city has to offer, but it was extremely fun and a great experience.

Both pictures were taken at Parc Güell.

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