February 24

I switched it up a little bit at breakfast and had some toast with strawberry jam and butter. The walk was beautiful; the temperature was probably low sixties. In business class, we went over a Spanish interview. We all had our desks in a big circle and got to go through one by one and answer questions, it was fun to see everyone’s responses.

During our break, we took the metro to the Llevante stadium, the other Spanish soccer team in Valencia. It is no where near as nice as La Mestalla but it was still cool to see. We took the last picture for our cultural scavenger hunt. When we got to the metro, we thought we had bought a round trip ticket but actually we only bought a one way. There was still an hour until class started and it wasn’t too far from school; we decided to walk.

In Linguistics, we went over a verb exercise that had us practice using better descriptive verbs as opposed to always using the “safety verbs” like haber and hacer. Then we went over different phrases that are commonly used in Spain. I learned a new one “me hace la boca agua” or my mouth is watering.

I used the phrase with the lunch ladies, they just laughed at me but I noticed them give me some extra fries. I made a steak and French fry sandwich and especially enjoyed my orange soda today. After lunch, I went on the roof patio and read a little of my book. Some of the Spanish kids came up, so we talked to them about Spring Break and what they were going to be doing.

I went down stairs and started working on my Frederico García Lorca presentation that me and Joe have due on Thursday. I already had most of his biography information done, but worked on analyzing La Casa de Bernarda Alba, a very popular play of his. Bernarda, the head female of the house has often been interpreted to represent the fascist reign of Franco.

I worked on my project for about 2 hours before dinner and another two hours after. It felt really good to get it done. Joe was really easy to work with and the project came together without any problems. After I finished, I hung out and helped with our scavenger hunt powerpoint that is also due on Thursday. I had done most of the actual information search, so I was relieved of my responsibility to compile the information.

I was in bed by 12:30; I set my alarm fifteen minutes early so I could shower when I woke up. I was excited to get my first major grade for my Literature class next morning.

The pictures are of the train station in Requena and some of the wine barrels at Coviña in Requena

***I am headed to Barcelona on Friday, so my posts may come at weird times, but I plan on still posting everyday.

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