February 12

I was floored when I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and saw that the little slap I had received the night before was a full-fledged black eye. My first ever (besides running into a fence post when I was sledding at our Hillbrooke house), I was really embarrassed. I went up a flight of stairs where everyone was hanging out and explained my story behind my black eye.

I went to lunch but wasn’t very hungry. I felt awful that I even put myself in the situation. I picked at my food and left when everyone else was leaving. Four of us decided to go read at the café we had to the day before called Escalones. I had a coffee but just couldn’t stop thinking about how embarrassed I was. I left the other three and decided to head back to the dorm.

I called Laura and she had me feeling a little better. I decided to take a nap and see how I felt when I woke up. I woke up right before 6:30, just in time for our group excursion to go get tapas. I headed to the lobby and met up with the rest of the group. The first place we went to was my favorite. We had muscles, olives, and calamari. I was feeling a lot better about everything.

We went to a second restaurant that was a good bit further than the first one. It is a chain restaurant but they have a lot of different varieties of tapas on top of pieces of baguette. I had the most meaty looking one in the restaurant and it was delicious. We got back in time for dinner at Rector Peset. A few of us just grabbed a drink, yogurt, and some fries and hung out for a little bit. I called Laura when I got back to the room and was having a really tough time. She told me to go check the mail because she had sent me something. I got a package with our t-shirt from her formal and a letter. The letter was exactly what I needed. It was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever written to me. My mood was sky high.

I definitely was not going to go out. Diego, Scott and Mary Claire all stayed in as well which was cool. Diego, Scott and I decided to watch Space Jam. We hadn’t seen it in forever and it was really fun. I forgot how much I loved Michael Jordan until they showed the opening scene with all his NBA and college highlights. Incredible.

After the movie finished I decided to call it a night.

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