February 26

Joe had class and was up at around 8:30; I felt really rested so I decided to wake up too. I through a load of laundry in and had a relaxing breakfast in the cafeteria. I packed a little bit and got ready for our trip to Barcelona. Before we left, I grabbed a quick coffee by La Lonja and met up with the bus at 1:15. We had picnic lunches waiting for us. They were ham sandwiches, a chorizo sandwich (my favorite) and a few tangerines.

A lot of people caught up on sleep for the trip, but I decided to read my book. So far, I really enjoy it, I’ve never read a “scary book” before, and I’ve enjoyed seeing how the author has created such a vivid picture with just words. We stopped at a rest stop half way through; I got a liter of chocolate milk and downed it. It was really chocolaty, but I hadn’t had cold milk since I have been in Spain. It was just what I needed.

The rest of the bus trip, most people just talked. Before we knew it, we were in Barcelona. Our hotel is called the Catalonia Ramblas. It is one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. Our rooms our huge, our bathrooms are decked out with a bath tub and a waterfall shower. Joe and Ryan are in my room again, which has been fun. We all got situated for a little bit then met for a drink before we headed to dinner. We walked around the corner and found a busy café in the middle of a small university plaza. We spent about forty-five minutes at the café, all the while talking about how great Barcelona is.

We met up with the rest of the group and walked to a restaurant not too far from our hotel. It is Europe’s take on a Cici’s pizza. There is an endless salad bar and some great pizza choices as well. On top of it all, there were free refills. I powered through a huge salad and four or five pieces of pizza. Weirdest of all, I only got a refill once. I think I am finally getting used to rationing out my drink during meals, that I haven’t been drinking as much.

After dinner, we met up with one of Dave’s friend named Evan who goes to UGA and is studying in Barcelona for the semester. We decided to meet up later after we showered and see the town with a “regular”. The shower was one of the most relaxing I have ever had. I got ready then headed up to Mary Claire’s room to meet some people before we went out.

We headed out around 11:30. The weather was perfect, it felt great to walk outside. We went and got a beer while we waited for Evan to meet up with us. Dave had some trouble getting in touch with him so we didn’t end up meeting him until about 1:00. Once we met up, he was under the impression that we had wanted to go to the discotheques. Because of our mandatory four-hour bus tour that met at 10:00 the next morning, we opted to turn in relatively early. We all decided to meet up and go out on Saturday night. Dave split ways with us to go see a DJ with Evan. We stopped at a bar and had a beer.

We made our way back to the dorm. I hung out in Mary Claire’s room with some of the group. We watched the Olympics and were all happy when we saw the U.S. hockey team doing so well. I headed to bed shortly past 2:30. It was a pretty low key, but extremely fun night. I was so excited to see the city on our tour.

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