February 22

Its always hard for me to wake up on Monday mornings, no matter how much sleep I got the night before. I still made it out of the dorm on time and to class in less than twenty-five minutes. In Business class, we turned in our Spanish resume and talked about writing a formal letter to a business. In Spain, when you want a job, you don’t fill out an application. Rather you write a formal letter highlighting your skills and request an interview.

During our two-hour break, I read over my paper that was due next period, and spent the rest of my break in the building’s computer lab, checking up on ESPN and a little U.S. news. In Linguistics, we talked about the five different tenses you use in the past. Our teacher has great way of explaining and clearing up problems that I never understood from my past Spanish teachers.

After class and lunch (I made a chicken sandwich), some of the people in our Culture scavenger hunt group went out looking for Arab ruins for one of our objectives. We just wandered through a part of the Barrio del Carmen (our dorm’s neighborhood) that we had never seen before. We found the Arab ruins, old pieces of the cities former outer wall that still stands. We were wandering down a small street and looked in a workshop and saw a person building a ninot, the huge life size structures for Las Fallas. We all got so excited about Fallas to be coming; it is only three and a half weeks away.

When we got back to the dorm, I got a chance to catch up with all the family and see how they had been doing. I am still floored that Peter is going to be thirteen on Saturday. I remember my thirteenth birthday like it was yesterday. I hung out in people’s rooms for the rest of the night. Dave, Laura and I decided to go find a new bar/café to get a drink.

We had a place called La Ermita but it was closed. We ended up going in a small hole in the wall bar. They asked if we wanted a porrón (a porrón is a type of pitcher that has a long spout that you hold up to your mouth and pour the beer/desert wine into your mouth). Dave and I got pretty daring with how far we held the porrón from our mouth as we poured. It was really fun. Mary Ella and Rebecca came in and met with a Spanish guy that they had met at a tourist office. We talked with them for a while before we all decided to head back.

I skyped my lady for a little bit than headed to bed around 1:00.

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