February 17

A mixture of staying up too late and baseball practice made getting out of bed really difficult. However it was sunny out for the first time in three days and it was a great walk to class. In Business class, we talked about making a resume for a Spanish job, which was really interesting. The format is almost identical to a standard resume in the United States but I am excited to be making my own for Monday’s class.

Between my break Ashley and I went on a mission to find a sports store. She needed some new tennis shoes and I needed some cleats for baseball. We walked right down the main road that our school building is on and found two sports stores. This time of year is huge in Valencia for sales. I was excited.

I hit a snag though; the average shoe size is WAY smaller here. None of the cleats on sale seemed to have a size over a 9. I went to the largest size they had and luckily found an 11 ½. They fit well and I decided to buy them. We still had about an hour left to kill before the next class started so we went to the cafeteria to kill some time. We have been getting smart and stocking up on snacks from the dorm so we don’t have to spend money when we have our two-hour break.

I read some more of the Sun Also Rises until class started. In class we finished up all of our Ser/Estar work that we had been doing for the past couple of classes. We went over certain expressions that completely change meaning when you use ser as opposed to estar or vice versa.

After class, Dave, Caroline and I went to work on out Culture Class scavenger hunt that is due next Thursday. We walked through a few different neighborhoods that I hadn’t seen before which looked really cool. We have the rest of requirements left split up into three days based on the general area we have to go to. We only had to go to the Mercado de Colon, Mercado Central and la Lonja to take a picture. We ate lunch out, I grabbed a ham and queso bocadillo and an orange soda from a local sandwich shop. It was really good.

After we got back, I brought my book up to the roof patio and decided not to leave until I finished the book. I only had about 45 pages left, so it didn’t take me long. The book was so good though. Its been a while since I read just for pleasure and it was definitely a light read that got me excited to start reading again. I hung out in my room until dinner.

We sat with Daniel, the Nicaraguan, from our baseball team and talked about how practice was and how the game will be on Sunday. We are all really excited, especially because all of the people that were out of town traveling last weekend will be here.

After dinner, we all hung out on our floor for a while until we went to grab a drink at 11:00. We went to El Negrito. I had an espresso and bailey’s which did not disappoint as always. A few people went on to O’Haras but I decided to turn in for the night. I kept doing more research on plane fares and found that Paris is going to be just too expensive. Instead I am going to take her to Granada for the first half of the week. The city and flights into it are much cheaper, and I have been told it is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain. I got in to bed around 12:30, exhausted from another great day.

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