February 18

In Literature class we had another presentation, which was pretty interesting. My favorite poet they talked about was Jose Marti, a very influential author in the struggle for Cuban independence. In Culture class, I had a short group presentation on the Basque country, which went really well. The Basque country is home of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Guernikca (a famous Picasso painting and town that the Nazi’s bombed), and one of the oldest languages, Euskara. Maria was sick so we got out a little early.

We went to knock out more pictures needed to be taken for our culture scavenger hunt. One of the coolest places we stopped was the Casa del las Rocas. Rocas are huge wooden structures that they use during the feast of Corpus Christi. They had a huge one-story exposition of all of the Rocas. It was really cool to walk through all of them.

We got back and had lunch, I had a pasta sandwich and like always fries and an orange soda to drink. After lunch I tried to buy plane tickets for when Laura comes in. Paris looks a little too expensive so instead I decided I’m going to show her what I here is one of the best cities in Spain, Granada. Ryanair has really cheap flights but an error message keeps showing up everytime I go to book it. People in my group have all run in to the same problem.

I tried to run my credit card about once every 20 minutes but I had no luck. In between, I did a load of laundry. I forgot how much I loved dryers. The dryer opened up in the dorm so I had perfectly dry clothes in less than an hour. It was great. I also spent a few hours working with Mary Claire, Dave, and Alex on a new puzzle Mary Claire got, this one is a solar system design which is fun.

After dinner, I went up and hung out with Dave, Greg and Rebecca in Dave and Greg’s room. We had some wine and just talked. At 12:00 Dave and I went to al Forn to get a 1.50 pint and decided we would meet up with the rest of the crew at O’Haras after we finished our beer. We had a really nice talk, he is very intellectual and I like hearing his opinion on certain issues.

There were a lot of people from our group at O’Haras. Hope’s boyfriend is in town for the weekend so we were all talking with him. I ended up going with a bunch of people to Radio City and danced. A lot of people were going to a huge costume party at a discotheque that was starting at 3:00, I’m sure glad I didn’t go. I was so tired and went to bed around 3:30.

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