February 16

I decided to take my time finishing my breakfast and decided I would walk by myself to class. It was really nice, not only was I faster, it was really nice to have my own time to just enjoy the sights of the city myself. In Literature we discussed romanticism and we examined a few examples of Spanish poems from the 1600s. While literature has never really been my thing, I have enjoyed the class very much.

Culture class, like always is a great learning experience. We learned over a dozen gestures that are popular over here in Spain. We split up into groups and had to perform a little skit, incorporating as many of the gestures as we could. After class, I went with Brittany and Grace to Corte Ingles to look for some baseball cleats and a belt to hold up my oversized pants. Strikeout, I left empty handed, baseball is not popular over here at all and I couldn’t find anything I needed.

The other two girls I was with had some stuff to get so we split up, I took the long way home unintentionally, but once again I enjoyed just walking around the city. I got back in time for lunch. I made two sandwiches. One was a fried pork and French fry sandwich and the other was a spaghetti sandwich. I was gorged after I finished.

After lunch, I went to the Cava del Negret, right across from El Negrito and did some homework and drank a couple coffees. They had free WiFi so I got a lot of things for the week done. I returned back to the dorm at around 6:00.

Laura and I are looking to go to Paris when she comes over, so I started investigating flights and fees. I found really cheap airfare but where they get you is charging thirty euro per checked bag. No thanks. I am still looking into it, possibly going by train. We’ll see though, I have a plane ticket that arrives in Madrid on Friday March 5th in time to meet Laura’s international flight in. I can’t wait.

We had baseball practice at 8:00. The fields were slosh so we mostly did outfield practice, catching fly balls: my favorite. We had a little batting practice and called it a night at around 9:45. The coach gave us warm-ups and a polo shirt which were really nice and sent us on our way.

That gave us 15 minutes to get back until dinner closed up. We all ran back as quick as we could and got back with 5 minutes to spare. After dinner, I showered and went out with about 10 or so people to get a drink. We were headed to al Forn but it was closed when we got over there so we headed to O’Haras. A lot of the Spanish kids were there so it was fun to see them all.

I talked to Juanjo for a while. I met a Philosophy professor from the Netherlands that had been staying in our dorm this past weekend for a conference. It was his last night. We talked to him until the bar closed; he was really interesting. I headed back to the dorm a little later than I had hoped but had no trouble falling asleep with how much I ran around at practice.

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