March 31

I grabbed a queso and tomato sauce bocadillo after a cup of café con leche and I was out the door. In business class we had three really interesting presentations on McDonald’s, illegal music downloading and the Spanish lottery. It was really interesting to look at the difference between menus in different countries; for example in Germany they have the Big McFeast that comes with a beer if you get a combo.

In between classes, Ashely and I walked to OpenCor (the small chain supermarket) and got some snacks. Then we went to a garden that we walk past everyday on the way to school. It was so cool, it had a large rock toward the back that had a small path winding around it. We went up to the top and saw it was a natural well that was really deep. We sat on a bench and I ate my bocadillo and some breakfast crackers. We headed back to the building after an hour and I spent the rest of the time on the internet up in the computer lab.

In Adela’s class, we worked on commands. I have always been pretty good at commands but I have never been taught the vosotros form because most of our teachers in the U.S. are from South America. I like vosotros because it is kind of like the equivalent of saying “yall” in English. South Americans just never really use it. After class got out, I was really excited. Spring break part 2 just started and my parents are coming to visit.

For lunch we had boneless chicken pieces that made a great chicken sandwich. They didn’t have any ketchup but I put lettuce, huge tomatoes, oregano and some olive oil on it. It tasted great. After lunch, some of us wanted to go walk around. We went to the Torres de Quart and climbed to the top. I had never been to the top but realized it is taller than the Torres de Serrano. We enjoyed the view for a little bit before we walked back down. We were looking for something to do, so we called up Alberto and went and hung out at “the man pad”. They had a playstation 2 and I played Pro Evolution Soccer against Alberto but got beat 3-1. It was no big deal though, I am definitely new to the game and it probably should have been a lot worse.

After we hung out at Alberto’s for about two hours, we came back to the dorm and hung out for about an hour before dinner started. We had Ribs which we decent, but not very tender and a twice baked potato that was delicious. After dinner, I went and met a bunch of people at O’Haras for the Arsenal vs. Barcelona soccer game in the Champions League. Barcelona was up 2-0 and dominating but Arsenal found a way to come back and tie the game up 2-2. It was a really tight game and I enjoyed it. At about 9:30 I came back to the dorm and hung out until about 1:00. The dorm is empty because all of the Spanish students have gone back home and most of the UGA group has left on their trips too.

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