April 14

I woke up and had a feast for a breakfast; I had two pieces of toast, a café con leche, a glass of apple juice, a bocadillo and I grabbed two packs of breakfast crackers as I was out the door. The weather was cloudy and the streets were wet from the rain Valencia received the night before. It was also noticeably colder; we were so lucky to have the weather we did when my parents were here. In business class we had a presentation and corrected all of the homework we had from over the break. We went over the format for our final, which thankfully is not cumulative.

During my break in between classes, I went to the computer lab and started to work on my final grade for culture. We have to write a four-page reflection paper that basically compares and contrasts our culture to Spanish. We also have to explain what we like and what we don’t like about both cultures too. It was actually pretty easy to write, my ideas flowed pretty easy and I knocked out a page and a half.

In composition we learned our last piece of grammar about prepositions. As been the case all year, when she started to teach us all of the rules fell into place and it started to make sense. Her best way of teaching is she writes on the board anywhere from 2-4 different options to compose a sentence and then asks us to choose which one we think is right and tell her why. After we finished our preposition work we were dismissed and headed back to the dorm.

For some unknown reason, lunch was great. I made a spaghetti sandwich and doused it in olive oil. After lunch, I updated my blog and sent some of the pictures from this past week to my dad. The rest of the afternoon and early part of the night I hung out with everyone on my floor. It has been great to be living where I am because it reminds me a lot of the fun we had freshman year where everyone always has their door open and people can just freely walk and hangout in whichever room they please.

For dinner we had curry chicken and rice that was really good too. Two good meals have been hard to come by at the Rector lately and I was very satisfied. After dinner, I hung out for a while and then decided to head to O’Haras to see Juanjo. Diego came and met up after a while. After about twenty minutes Ben and Joe came then twenty minutes after that Scott, Ashely, and Mary Claire came too so it turned into a pretty good crowd.

Alex and Daniel, two friends I have made here were at O’Haras and we talked for a while. It was crazy because Alex is a huge R.E.M. fan and we started to talk about Athens. When he dropped the 40 Watt (a bar/venue for music) and Oconee Street (one of the streets in downtown Athens) I was surprised and really impressed. Diego and I arranged to meet up with them before we left which should be fun. I stayed for a while but left at 1:00 because I was pretty exhausted.

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