April 21

I did the same method I did the day before to study when I woke up. Study in the study room, review at breakfast and review on the way to class worked well. My Business exam went well and I am anxious to get my grade back. Virginia has been a great teacher, and the actual class content has been helpful and relevant to my major.

I finished the test about thirty minutes so I had two and a half hours to review before my Composition exam started. I went down to the cafeteria at school with Diego and Kristen. I normally don’t like studying in groups in Athens, but Spanish has been helpful because a lot of times if you don’t know something like the meaning of the word, they can help and vice versa. This test was difficult to prepare for because the exam was cumulative and I had about 10 different chapters to look over.

The exam was pretty hard, it was seventy multiple-choice questions and we had to write a letter about a recent trip. I talked about my parents coming and I had more than enough to write about. After I finished, it didn’t hit me that I was done with my spring semester of my junior year. The walk back was beautiful, another perfect blue-sky day. For lunch we had steak and fries that I made a sandwich out of. They have been putting the ketchup out from behind the counter so now we can take as much as we want. Four packets are always better than two.

After lunch Diego, Taylor, Scott and I went to a public park over by the Torres de Quart. We hung out kicking the soccer ball and two kids started playing with us. We were kicking the ball around for a while when an old man with a cane approached me and spoke really raspy Spanish. He said that he enjoyed watching us playing soccer with the kids and he proceeded to show me team pictures when he played for Valencia back in the 1950’s; he had over ten pictures. It was really cool.

After we hung out in the park, we were near Alberto’s man pad so we called him up. We played some pro evolution soccer on playstation 2 and hung out. We left a couple hours later and walked back. It had been a great afternoon in Valencia.

We hung out in the dorm until dinner. We had curry chicken with rice, which was delicious. This is one meal that I could eat in the U.S. After dinner, we didn’t start getting ready to go out until right before 12:00. First we went to the Irish pub right outside my balcony in my room. After we finished our pints, we decided to go to El Negrito. Mary Claire and I stopped in the dorm and woke up Scott and D White who had been sleeping since dinner. They rallied and came out with us to El Negrito. We didn’t stay too long but we had a beer at some tables in the back of the restaurant. It was fun to go out with everyone; it had been a while.

We came back to the dorm and hung out in Diego’s room for a while, listening to music. I decided to go to bed just past 3:30. I couldn’t help but think about how quick this trip has gone.

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