April 19

It was a beautiful day in Valencia, the sky was blue and the temperature was perfect. I woke up, took a shower and enjoyed a nice breakfast of café con leche and toast with apple jam. It was delicious. In Business class we had a review day. The exam is luckily not cumulative and it is as big as a test.

During my break, I used my time to finish up my culture paper. It was pretty easy to finish but I used my full two hours to read over and correct it. I really enjoyed writing the paper and thinking about all I have learned, and it has been fun asking other people in the group what they think too. In Composition class we checked our homework on prepositions that we had over the weekend. Our exam is going to be pretty difficult because it is cumulative but she did hand out a practice exam that we got to look over and review in class before we handed it back to her.

After lunch, I headed straight to lunch at the Rector Peset. It was a little hot outside and I broke a sweat walking back in pants. Lunch was chicken and fries. They had a soup that didn’t look very appetizing so I opted just to have one course. It wasn’t very satisfying, but I was full. After lunch, I started studying for my Literature final and skyped with Laura. She was in between work and class so I got the chance to talk to her for a while.

For dinner, we had tortilla and my favorite pizza bread. I was lucky enough to have the man serving give me two pieces of pizza. I spent most of the night studying; I took a break and hung out in Diego’s room right before bed. I went to bed at 12:30 and sent my alarm for 7:00 to wake up and review.

**Both pictures are from barcelona (port vuell and the cathedral of barcelona)

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