April 10

I was pretty tired from my week of traveling so I took the morning to catch up on some rest. It was great, I woke up to lunch and Diego, Greg and D White had gotten back. We ate lunch and swapped stories. A few of us were looking for something to do so we planned a little afternoon excursion to the beach. It took everyone a while to get motivated and ready but we left for the beach just before 4:00.

The weather was great, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the mid 60’s. I ran in to a bit of bad luck, the metro machine ate my money and I didn’t get a ticket. Diego had the same thing happen to him earlier in the semester and he said it was really easy to get back. He said he would help me get to the office to get it back this week, which is nice.

The beach was packed. This weekend there is a kite festival and there were hundreds of kites in the air. We found a spot and posted up for a few hours with an ipod, some speakers, the bags of easter candy my mom brought me and two Lufthansa blankets that I got from the airplane. It was so relaxing. The breeze wasn’t strong so it didn’t get cold even when the sun started to go down. I did have a little too much candy though. We decided to head back at about 7:00. Right as we were leaving, two gyrocopters flew overhead and kept circling the stretch of beach that we were on. It was really cool to watch them. The metro ride took a while on the way back; it seemed like our tram stopped at every intersection and red light. We managed to get back to the dorm right around 8:00.

After we got back, I showered and caught up on all of the sports happenings in the U.S. with the start of the MLB season and the Masters. I am really hoping that Fred Couples will come up with a big win going into Sunday. Dinner was pretty awful; we had calamari that didn’t hold a light to the calamari that we had at Cal Pep in Barcelona. After dinner, I was pretty exhausted and decided to stay in. We all hung out in Diego’s room until about 12:30. After, I came in and caught up on me and Ryan’s TV show, Breaking Bad. I went to bed shortly past 1:00.

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