April 16

I woke up around 1:00 and we started getting everyone rallied to go to the beach I knew it was going to take a while to get everyone up and going so we shot to leave after lunch. For lunch we had a chicken breast and fries. After lunch, we packed up and were on our way to the beach just a little bit past 3:00.

The weather was definitely not the typical beach weather you would expect, it was in the mid-60s and overcast but we decided it would definitely be one of our last opportunities to go so we wanted to take advantage of it. The tram was pretty full of people in their normal Friday afternoon routine.

After we got to the beach, we met up with about 6 people who had gotten to the beach before lunch. It was fun to have such a big group on the beach (around 12). It was pretty windy and cold, so I put on sweat pants. We got hungry so we split a pizza from Da Vinci’s. It hit the spot. Some played soccer against some other Spanish kids, but I just laid on my blanket and enjoyed the view, there were tons of sailboats out on the ocean and it is fun to watch them go by.

As the sun started to set, we decided to catch the tram home. It took us probably a little under to get back home and we were back at the Rector Peset just before 8:00. I had a wonderful shower and got ready to go to Mexican food. I got ready a little early though, we didn’t actually leave until about 10:00. The restaurant was good but it’s no Cinco, I had grilled chicken nachos with jalopenos, onions, and pico de gallo scattered on top. It was delicious. We all enjoyed a couple drinks and some appetizers.

We didn’t end up leaving until just after 12:00. I came back to the dorm, skyped with Laura for a little bit then decided to hit the sheets and fell asleep by 1:00. I couldn’t believe it was my last Friday in Valencia, but I loved it.

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