April 17

I woke up at about 12:30 and do what I normally do on weekends. First, I check my email because Laura always gives me an update of what went on with her meetings and stuff after I go to bed, which I love reading. Second, I check ESPN for any scores that I should know about that I might have missed. Third, I update my blog. Fourth, I find people who are awake and go to lunch. I followed my normal rountine to the “T” and headed down to lunch shortly after 2:00. Lunch was decent, I made a chicken sandwich and had some French fries. I have been really disappointed with no orange soda at meals though; I should probably find the story out behind the illusive orange soda.

The Manchester City vs. Manchester United game was being televised yesterday so Diego, Joe, Greg, Dave and I all decided to find an Irish bar to go watch the second half at after lunch. We went to Finnegan’s first but decided to move on because there were no good tables left to see the game. We ended up going to every Irish bar we could think of (5) after that and they were all closed. We ended up walking around for a good hour and a half; we decided to come back to the Rector Peset with our mission unsuccessful.

I skyped with Laura for a little bit, showered and went out again to get a drink. This time I was successful. I went to the Lounge and brought my book. I haven’t read really at all this whole week and it was good to pick back up with the story I love so much in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I finally thought McMurphy had been beat but it looks like he is coming back with a vengeance at Nurse Ratched. After a couple hours, I decided to come back to the dorm.

The group of us who went to find the soccer game at the bar plus Taylor all decided to skip the Rector Peset dinner and go to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet for 8 euros. I decided to stick to eating things that I knew would be chicken, beef or rice. I had a total of four plates of food. Chicken lo mein, fried rice, Chinese doughnuts, spring rolls, and plenty of soy sauce were only some of the highlights. Diego and I had to take three deep breaths to actually stand up from the table. It was a pretty miserable walk home, I was filled to the brim.
We got back to the dorm just after 11:00. I didn’t do too much else, I found the Hawks game streaming online and watched the first half before I fell asleep in front of my computer, gorged from the meal I just had.

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