April 15

I woke up at 8:00 to another overcast sky. I showered and headed down to the cafeteria. I had some orange juice and toast with strawberry jam. We were out the door just after 8:30. I couldn’t believe that it was already my last Thursday of regular classes. This semester has just gone way too fast.

In Literature class Celia gave us a study guide for the final and we had a presentation from Greg and Kristen. This class has just been great, I have a renewed interest in Literature thanks to this class. In Culture class we had a substitute and we spent the class talking about bull fighting. Adrian also showed us clips of toros por la calle which are different versions of “the running of the bulls”. All of the with the exception of 1 do not harm the bull. Toros de la Vega is the brutal exception in which the town lures a bull up on a mountain and they all have lances and take turns stabbing it. It is unfair and I was troubled by it.

After class, we headed back to the dorm. I was so excited because about halfway home the sun started to poke through the trees. It looked like it was going to be a great day to be outside. I hung out in my room until lunch. I made a ravioli sandwich and had some French fries. Shortly after lunch, a group of eight of us decided to head to El Rio to enjoy the great weather. We ended up finding an empty field and played 4 on 4 ultimate Frisbee then soccer with the same teams. It was fun to switch up between the two sports.

After we got back at around 6:30, Diego and I went to Alberto and all of his friends “man pad” and we watched the Real Madrid vs. Almeria soccer game. It was a great game, Almeria (a team that should have been dominated) scored first. Real Madrid ended up pulling it out but it was an interesting game. I didn’t realize how late it was getting back and I had to rush to meet the six guys I was going to the Valencia soccer game with. I ran upstairs, grabbed my ticket and we were out the door.

The game was great, we went to Manolo’s famous bar before the game and had a drink. We made it to our seats just as kickoff started. The game was against Bilbao. Bilbao is in sixth place and they needed to win this game if they had any hopes of playing in the Europa League tournaments. Our seats were great, they were upper deck but we had a great view of everything going on. I also enjoyed it because you could see the Micalet (the large cathedral tower that my parents and I climbed), it reminded me of the view. David Silva had two fantastic goals and Valencia won a great game 2-0.

After the game got out, I was exhausted. Joe, Greg and I took a taxi that let us out right near Doner Kebab. We grabbed a late night snack and headed back to the dorm. I decided to stay in for the night and get a good night sleep. My bed never felt better.

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