April 20

I woke up at 7:00 and started reviewing my literature material. I went down to one of the study rooms and Diego and Mary Claire had beat me down by a few minutes. Not more than ten minutes later Kristen and Brittany came down. We went to breakfast around 7:45 and reviewed our study guide at breakfast. I had a café con leche and some toast. They haven’t had strawberry jam all week but I settled for a jam that is a close second in taste, apple.

We left for class around 8:15 and got to class early and got to ask Celia questions that we were unsure about. The test went well, it was four short answer (a paragraph in length) and an essay (about 300 words). I finished a few minutes before class let out and hung out in the hall until Culture started.

In Culture we had a big discussion about our papers and what we have learned. We went around and we had to tell the class if we thought we would come back to Valencia. There were a lot that said that they wanted to return after the graduate and work over here. I decided that I don’t think I could live in Europe, I would miss being in the U.S. too much. I love the culture, the language and the food and I will hopefully plenty of vacations back to Spain.

After we got back to the dorm, I hung out in my dorm before lunch. We had pasta with cheese that made a great sandwich when I doused olive oil over it. After lunch, I studied for a couple hours for Composition. I took a break and hung out on the roof for a while. The weather has been perfect.

I came back down at 6:00 about two hours later and started studying for Business. A big group of us went to dinner at the Rector. We had a cheese plate, patatas, and baked wings. They were good but they don’t really compare to the baked chicken ma makes back at home. My parents have already taken requests for my meals that I miss most: Cheeseburgers and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (my Dad has perfected both on the grill).

After dinner, I spent the rest of the night studying. I decided to go up to bed just pass 12:00 and wake up like I had before to review.

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