january 29

Sleeping in was awesome. I was woken up to everyone coming back from school. I rolled out of bed and met everyone for lunch. I have loved having fries at every meal. The coke is small and I wish I had ice here but I have been getting used to it.

A few of us discovered our dorm has a huge patio on the roof and we brought a blanket up there and hung out for a few hours. The weather was perfect. It was about 65 degrees and sunny. The view from the roof was really cool because the only buildings taller than our dorm are the church steeples. After a while I could feel my skin starting to burn so I headed down and skyped Laura. I have loved having skype and being able to see her everyday. It definitely is a lot better than talking on the phone.

Joe and I decided to work out before dinner. The work out room is about 100 feet from our room so it is really convenient. I am so out of shape but it was good to exercise. I was exhausted afterward so I took a quick power nap and woke up ready to take on the night.

Dinner was really good, like always. We all got ready and hung out in each other’s rooms. We started at the usual O’Haras; it’s always fun. I was talking to some Spanish students and didn’t realize that everyone had left me. Luckily I had an address to the karaoke bar that some people were going to. I found Diego and we decided to have some Doner Kebab and take a taxi to meet up with them.

It was so fun. There was a stage and a huge dance floor. I didn’t sing much, just danced. All of the Spanish people there were staring at us but we didn’t care. After dancing there for a few hours we decided to walk back. We started a “Who’s that coming down the track” chant that was really fun and loud.

Diego and I played Pro Evolution Soccer on Xbox, which was very different because the controls are different than Fifa, which I’m most used to. We have no idea where the night went but went to bed pretty late.

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