January 28

I did my usual routine before class: wake up at 8:00, take a shower, grab some quick breakfast and start our walk. It’s been cool because while I am still very new to the city, I am still getting better at navigating the roads here. Its hard though because every time you ask directions here, people don’t know street names so the only tell you basic directions like cross two streets and turn left.

Literature class was pretty fun. We talked about the different types of poetry and how to count syllables in Spanish poetry, which was very informative. She let us out a little early so we had forty-five minutes to kill before Spanish Culture started so Lauren, Brittany, Scott, Mary Claire and I decided to go grab a quick cup of café con leche. It was delicious and reenergizing.

Culture class was very informative too. Maria (probably my favorite teacher out of all my classes) gave us a geography lesson of the different provinces of Spain. Then she would play 30 second clips of music from all over the world and we had to guess where they were from. I thought that Spain was only known for flamenco music but actually they only have flamenco in the southern part. In reality all corners of Spain have different traditional music, most surprising to me was hearing the bagpipes in a traditional song from Northern Spain.

The walk back was awesome. The sun was out and shining bright. Mary Claire and I remarked out much more detailed all the buildings looked with the sunlight on them. I stopped with Nikki to get a chocolate and banana crepes at a walk up stand which was absolutely delicious. I came back to the dorm ate lunch (it was spaghetti carbonara and I cut up some ham and put it top which reminded me of home cooking) and wrote my blog before I went with Dave, Taylor, Kristen, Mary Claire, Liza to try and do some laundry.

They have machines here but the problem is they are constantly running because there is only two that work. We had heard of a Laundromat close by. Dave scoped it out a few hours before and the sign said it would be open at four. We walked over there with our respective duffel bags full of dirty clothes only to find that it was closed. I guess its typical European life though. We walked around for a while to kill time because we had a feeling it would open at some point.

We returned at 5:30 only to have the guy tell us that we needed to drop it off and come back in two hours. He was also charging ten euros, which was pretty ridiculous especially because the sign said it cost 8 euros. We walked back pretty frustrated. It wasn’t going to ruin our night though.

I took a shower and a few of us hung out in Stockton and Laura’s room before we went out. We went to O’Haras again which was so much fun. There were a lot of Spanish students there and I really had some good conversations. I talked with two guys that were both studying to get their masters in Economics. It was funny to compare the similarities in our class requirements and things of that nature. After O’Haras was closing at around 1:30, we went to a discothèque called Bolseria and danced for a while.

I turned in not too long after that, but was really happy with the opportunity to sleep in the next morning.

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