January 27

I have been waking up in the best mood lately. Each day offers infinite possibilities. Since we didn’t have our first class on Monday, I was excited to meet my Business Spanish teacher because I feel like this class will help me the most with my future plans in business. I showered and got dressed pretty quick so I had time before we needed to leave to grab a cup of coffee con leche. It’s a shot of espresso with warm milk. It is a perfect kick start to the day.

I walked to class with an added hop in my step. One thing that I have found that is very different from walking around in the U.S. is cross walks are absolutely crazy. The cross walk light turns green when you can walk but when the stop light is turning, it gives two quick flashes and turns to red. Cars won’t wait for you to finish getting through the intersection so as soon as you see the light turning, you need to run as fast as you can. I luckily didn’t get clipped by any crazy motorists and made it on time to class.

Business Spanish is going to be really interesting. We went over the syllabus; it looks like a lot of vocabulary but all of it will come in handy when doing business overseas. We did our usual introductions, and got to leave a few minutes early. Our conversation class was cancelled because she had a department meeting so I finished class early and had a lot of time to hang out.

I took my first nap of the trip, which was awesome. I woke up in time for lunch and luckily people were waking up around the same time I was so I had some people to sit with. After lunch, I went with Caroline to get a phone with her before our tour of some of the old buildings in Valencia. I am trying to make it as long as I can before I get a go phone here. Its been pretty liberating not having one. I’m not constantly worrying about texting or calling people here; if I see them, I see them and if not it’s not the end of the world.

The tour was incredible. I haven’t had the ability to go inside any of the historic buildings so I really enjoyed it. We started off at the old commercial center. Valencia used to be huge for trade because it is on the Mediterranean and merchants from Africa, Europe and Asia would all come to Valencia. After a guided tour that was really interesting, we headed off to big towers on the riverbed called Los Torres. We got to climb the steps to the top and the view was incredible. The sun was just setting and we could easily see the entire city. We all snapped a bunch of pictures and made our way back to the dorm.

Dave and Mary Claire called an informal meeting to talk about possible solutions that we can propose to switch the Friday schedule that they have. I thought it was going to be pure pandemonium but it was actually really organized. Everyone took their turn talking and we brainstormed some really cool ideas. Dave, Molly and Hope are all meeting with Dr. Baker soon to discuss options. We finished the meeting just in time to scarf down dinner and continue our night activities. I was still feeling a little tired from my lack of sleep lately so I decided to stay in. I hung out in Laura’s room with about eight other people and turned in early for the night. My bed felt so good.

My pictures are from el centro commercial. Also, I have a function on my camera that allows me to take panoramas. The panorama is from The Towers we visited last.

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